Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Domestic Minister!  You’re two years old today!

And what a year these past 12 months have been!  Shortly after your 1st birthday, I could tell that my life and blogging were going to get challenging.  So, I gave my readers fair notice in Crazy, Not Crazy that the blog-posting schedule could get very erratic.

And while the summer months were blogless, I’m happy to say that I still managed to publish 10 new blogs and refresh and update one of my favorites from the first year!  Despite the madhouse my life has been!  So, praise God!

Before I go too much further with this review and round-up of my second year of blogging, I want to say a great humungous “THANK YOU!” to my faithful readers!  You have encouraged my heart, especially those of you who checked my website regularly for any new posts.  Your faithfulness to see if I posted anything new has often spurred me on to make sure I do post something instead of just giving up when my personal life has been overwhelming.  May God bless you abundantly for being interested in what I have to say!

In looking back over this past year’s blogs, I noticed that most of the posts were the result of life happening and me responding as I saw God and His truths in those events.  God wants to talk with us all the time, and He can and will if we are open to hear Him.  Let Him speak to you as you read any (or all) of these posts.

For many years now yardwork has reminded me of spiritual and practical truths.  I finally shared one of those lessons I received last May in Get Connected, Stay Connected.

A royal wedding provided a great reminder, too.  I wrote about that in Important is Hard to See.

There’s nothing more special than those moments when God uses you to be His hands and feet, helping a total stranger!  I wrote about A God Moment on Friday, 7SEP18 so I wouldn’t forget that incredible experience.  It’s amazing how we can be honored and humbled all at the same time.

Hurricane Florence provided another great lesson we all need to learn well and remember.  It also gave me the opportunity to expand my blogging experience with an impromptu video blog (vlog) recorded on my phone.

And then I went to a movie.  I was so overwhelmed by all I saw in that film that I was awake for almost the whole night pondering it!  It was too much and too good to just keep in my brain, so I did my first “review,” which turned into a series with 4 parts!  There was a ton of great insights about and demonstrations of family, fame, love, and God’s creative, redemptive ability.  (By the way, that movie—Russ Taff: I Still Believe—is now available in DVD and download formats.)

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, I wrote about an unusual hero that helped rescue Jews from the Nazis in Perfect Flaws.  Now, there’s a great lesson and encouragement for us all!

By this time in the year, it was February, so naturally I focused my posts on love.  I’m so thankful for the insights God has given to me about both His love and loving others, and it just seems wrong to keep it to myself!  So, I shared what I’d learned about Tangible Love from 1 John and How to Improve Your Love from 1 Corinthians 13.

International Women’s Day just happened to fall on a weekend I planned to put out a blog, so I decided to spruce up one of my very first posts and highlight it because it’s about the very first woman and what God called her.  If a woman needs to feel empowered, she should look no further than to God Himself!

And last but not least, I finally decided to share A Letter from God that is immensely personal and yet seems so universal all at the same time.  I’m confident that others can hear God talking to them through the words He spoke to me in this letter.

So now, readers, would you please help me celebrate by clicking any (or all) of the above links and reading these posts?  You can consider it a birthday gift!  Please, feel free to leave a comment or two as well or even share these posts on your favorite social media for your friends to see!  A party is always better with more people, right?

And, as always, thanks for reading!

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