Hurricane Florence & a Lesson on Not Negating

Since I had some Facebook friends asking if I was safe during Hurricane Florence, I decided to create this video.  Realizing that my rare experience held a valuable lesson, I thought it good to share with everyone.


I just love it when nature provides us with valuable lessons for living!  God is speaking to us everywhere, but it’s up to us to listen!

If you’re curious about the organization I mentioned, Christ In Action (CIA for short!), please check them out!  I’ve had their initial first-responder training and really like the good work they do (literally clearing away storm debris and damage in people’s homes).  They’ve been known to stay and help far longer than government aid and many other organizations.  They did indeed come down to the Carolinas (what I meant when I said they’d come down “here”) and are currently (as of this writing) working in the hard-hit area of New Bern, NC.

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

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