Envious of a Dead Man

Since September is Suicide Prevention Month, I thought I'd share my story. If you think suicidal thoughts start with "I think I'll kill myself," you're WRONG! But wherever you are in that flow of thought--at the waterfall edge or back up stream, God is able to intervene!

Forgiving Fathers

If you're struggling to forgive your father (or anyone else) for wrongs done to you, then you NEED to read this! You've probably been taught many things about forgiveness, but has anyone told you how it's possible for you to truly forgive?!?

25+ Questions to Help You Declutter

Have you ever wished for more than the few popular one-size-fits-all questions to help you decide what to keep and what to throw out? Then you need to read this! With more than 25 questions, this list will help you decide with confidence!