Church Attire

In most of the United States, the second Sunday of March is the day we set our clocks ahead by one full hour.  Unfortunately, Daylight Savings Time has the negative side-effect of messing with our ability to get to church on time!

If we remembered to change our clocks the night before, we still probably struggled to get to bed earlier in order to compensate for the hour loss.  So, we wake up tired and very tempted to hit the snooze button.

If we forgot to change the alarm clock, we may wake up fully refreshed only to then realize we’re a whole hour late and run around like crazy people trying to get dressed and out the door on time!

So, to help all Sunday-morning church attenders, I hereby declare (by whatever authority you will grant me) that Daylight Savings Time Sunday shall also be forever known as Casual Dress Sunday!  Therefore, feel free to skip the fancy clothes that require extra time to put on and just put on whatever is quick and decent, so you can get to your church service on time!

I declare Daylight Saving Time Sunday shall also be forever known as Casual Dress Sunday!

Back in 2016, as I contemplated this dilemma and clothing, I came up with the following poem.  It’s actually appropriate any time of year, but I figured now would be a good time to share it with you.

“Church Attire”

by Raylene Cochrane

Dress up if you want to;
That’s always nice to see.
(Just keep yourself well covered,
Please, no distraction be!)
But if you wear your jeans and T-shirt,
That is alright, too.
‘Cause “life is more than clothing” *
And we just want to be with you!


*a paraphrase of Matthew 6:25b

Thanks for reading!

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