A Letter from God

I’m conflicted. I don’t want to share this because it’s extremely personal. But I don’t want to withhold it because it may be exactly what you need to read right now.

On September 1, 2017, I was challenged to write a letter—a letter from God to me.  That’s intimidating!  But once I got past “How are you,” it flowed.  And surprised me.

Even though some of this is clearly personal to me, there’s a lot here that is very appropriate for anyone.  But other than replacing my name in the greeting with “Daughter,” and adding my signature ending, this letter is exactly as it was originally.

I’m glad this message didn’t come to me as a prophetic, spoken word through someone else.  That’s too easy to forget.  I’m glad it’s written down, so that I can come back to it repeatedly any time I’m discouraged or confused.  And I share it with you here, so you can come back to it, too.


Dear Daughter,

How are you?  You know that I know the answer to that question, but what say you?  Will you be honest with Me?

What is this defense mechanism of guardedness that makes you perceive Me as being behind a wall or being a cold, hard statue?  Why are you not able to draw near to Me with total abandon?  Why reserve and withhold a part of yourself?

I will tell you why.  You have been hurt.  You are My wounded daughter.

Take a moment to absorb that truth, to own it.  Let that reality solidify for a while.  Not that you will stay there, but it’s important to not live in denial.

Life has been unfair and that has hurt your tender spirit.  People have proven to be less than totally trustworthy.

But they are not Me.  I am not them.

Remember the former days.  Look back on them and recall how far you’ve come.  I am the One who brought you that distance, and I will continue to see you improved until the day of My appearing.  You are My Bride; I will not abandon you.  You have My word.

The perfection you seek is found only in Me.  Never forget that I am your source for everything.  EVERYTHING!!  There is no substitute for Me that will satisfy.  I am the drink your thirsty soul longs for.

You operate out of Me, out of My resources that I will share with you.  Do not be afraid to try new things, for I know your frame—that you are limited by the dust from which I made you.  So, I fully expect some failed attempts, false starts, and less than stellar performances.  But you are acceptable to Me.  You cannot disappoint Me when you at least try.  Remember that I made those limitations of your time, of your knowledge, of your skill and of your resources.  And I love what I have made!  In fact, you—including your weaknesses—are the perfect complement to My strengths.

If you, in your own abilities could do and know all perfectly, then what part would there be for Me?  You know that I am a God of relationship, so it’s NEVER just you or just Me; it’s both of us.  It is through your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and imperfections that My strength, protection, and perfections will shine.

We are the perfect pair.  We belong together.  We are one.  You are the vessel; I am the substance in that vessel.

What you call imperfections, I call design.  And it’s beautiful.


(Father, Son, & Spirit)

Thanks for reading!

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