The Highs and Lows of 2017

I’m typing this blog on the very last day of 2017—a day of reflection for many people.  So, I think it’s appropriate to review my first year (9 months) of blogging.  Which of my blogs garnered the most views, likes, and comments, and which didn’t?  And what can I learn from these statistics?  After all, what’s the point of looking back if you don’t learn from the past to help your future?

The Highest Number of Views


The greatest number of views belongs to “Shine On!…but on Whom?”  Written shortly after I started blogging, it has 35 views.  Interestingly, this blog didn’t achieve this peak right after being posted only to fall into obscurity as time passed.  No, it has consistently captured readers’ attention over the months.  Truly, it is my popular blog.

My very first blog, “Just Exercising My Faith,” comes in a close second with 33 views.  Admittedly, it’s a long read, but what else do you expect when someone, overflowing with so much to share, finally gets to pour out her heart freely?  If you want to know me better, then it’s a must read.

In third place is “What is Hospitality?” with 32 views.   This was my first Daily Prompt inspired blog.  I was so happy to have something ready that fit a Daily Prompt word!  Only one other blog coincided perfectly with a Daily Prompt—“Faith Greater Than Life’s Cacophony.”  Events like that just feel like divine appointments.

What’s fascinating about “What is Hospitality?” is the comments it inspired.  There’s real dialogue going on there!  Some real, honest vulnerability that I never anticipated this topic invoking.  I so appreciate it and feel honored to have been a safe place for someone.  I aspire to create more safe-place blogs for my readers to feel free to share what’s deep in their hearts.

The fourth highest number of views belongs to one of my personal favorites: “Before She Was Called Eve or even Woman.”  So far, it’s garnered 27 views.  Girlfriend, if you want to feel good about yourself as a woman without feeling like you’re putting men down or just being arrogant, then you need to read this awesome, brief blog!

In fifth place is “3 Ways to Emphasize ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving.”  Written just before the US’s Thanksgiving holiday, it’s the first of my more practical blogs—a category I wondered if I would ever break into.  While I may have been focused on one nation’s holiday, comments proved this blog still had international appeal.

The Lowest Number of Views

“Only the mediocre are always at their best.”–Anonymous

I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that the lowest number of views (only 3) belongs to the most recent blog, “Is Bargain Shopping Worthwhile? Part 3: Mitigating Circumstances.”  It’s the last blog of a very practical series born from Bible study and spiritual truths.  Yep, you read that right.  In my opinion, there is no great divide between the spiritual and the practical for Christians.  One of my blogging goals is to show how perfectly the former can help the latter.

Tied for second place in lowest views are “Practicing What I Preach” and “Integrity Inspection Follow-up” with 5 views each.  “Practicing What I Preach” is part of a unique series—one that’s more circular than linear, with “Faith Greater Than Life’s Cacophony” being the main blog.  (Boy, was I ever glad for hyperlinks!)

“Integrity Inspection Follow-up” is also part a unique series.  This blog resolves a cliff-hanger I left dangling for a long time in “The Integrity Inspection.”

If you visited via my Home page, you saw this for about 6 months!  (Sorry.)


“It Takes Two to Make a Miracle” comes next with only 7 views.  It’s the other blog in the “Faith Greater Than Life’s Cacophony” series.  The great lesson focused on here would’ve made the main blog even longer and distracted from its focus.  You really should read it along with the main blog to get the most out of both!

Also having only 7 views is one of my vlogs from the “Broken Wrist Recovery” series, “No Pain is an Island.”  Kind of sad that such a clever title hasn’t attracted more views.  All the lessons in this series are well-worth the time you’ll spend watching, and I even provide time outlines, so you can skip straight to any section you want.  So, check out the vlogs!

The Highest Number of Likes

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the 3 most-liked blogs would also be among the most viewed.  “Shine On!…but on Whom” has 10, while “What Is Hospitality?” and “3 Ways to Emphasize ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving” tied with 8 each.

The unique blog in this category is “3 Parallels in Gluten-Free and Sin-Free Living,” with 7 likes.  This blog was inspired by another blogger’s post.  It also “inspired” me to get editorial help!  It’s long…but it’s good!

a Krispy Kreme donut
My last Krispy Kreme donut.

The Lowest Number of Likes

Fortunately, all my blogs have been liked by at least one person.  Indeed, 3 blogs are tied at 1 like each.  “The Integrity Inspection” and its partner, “Integrity Inspection Follow-up” are joined by “Broken Wrist Recovery Vlog 4: Healed but Not Healthy,” a powerful lesson on not stopping short but following through to be at your best.

The Highest Number of Comments

Again, it’s not surprising that the most commented-on blogs would be among the most viewed.  Tied for first at 8 comments each are “Shine On!…but on Whom?” and “Just Exercising My Faith.”

The next highest number of 6 belongs to “A Teaching Treasure in My Clutter.”  This blog is about my fear of hurricanes, Navy awards, and being reminded to just faithfully do whatever job I have.  …No, I’m not going to tell you here how those things all tie together; you’ll have to go read the blog to find out!  😉

The Lowest Number of Comments

Unfortunately, 12 of my 27 blogs have no comments.  At least, there’s no comments you can see.  I have had some very good comments placed on my Facebook page and in the WordPress Community Pool for two blogs.  I wish I could transfer those comments to the blogs.  So, if a blog inspires a thought or feeling, please say so in the comment section I always provide!

Lessons Learned

I think the success of “Shine On!…but on Whom?” is largely due to the compelling excerpt-teaser.  Who isn’t curious to find out if Jesus contradicted Himself?!

Perhaps a less obvious factor is that this blog was a response to a friend’s plea for help in resolving this seeming contradiction.  Answering people’s burning questions practically guarantees an audience.  I hope to write more blogs like this one (so, help me out by asking your questions!)

Conventional wisdom says shorter blogs are better, and I’ll keep striving to reach that goal.  But some people enjoy a longer read, and sometimes length is necessary to provide adequate information—especially for my subject matters.  Still, it would be nice to imitate Jesus’ ability to pack a ton of meaning into just a few words!

I also realize the lack of comments may be due to my thoroughness.  I could be wrapping things up so tightly that readers aren’t aware of undiscussed aspects dangling like loose threads waiting to be pulled.

I’ve also wondered if the topics were more on the intimate side, and my readers weren’t ready to be so publicly vulnerable.  Matters of the heart are not always conducive to spontaneous sharing, and I’m okay with that.  (Comments, though, do help me know a blog really has been read.)

But then again, I could just be boring.  At least I’m trying, though.

What other lessons do you think I should learn from this review of my 2017 blogs?  Here’s to better blogging in 2018!

Thanks for reading!  And Happy New Year!

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