Get Your Paws Off the Keyboard!

Thursday (20JUL2017)

During God Time today, I got to thinking about Mark 7:24-35 and how diverse Jesus was in handling the two healings in this passage.  So, my prayer thought was that we need to be open to God answering our prayers in any way He chooses and not dictate details to Him.

Now, since I’m one of those people who prays with eyes open, I happened to notice my cat laying a back paw on the left control key of my computer keyboard.  Once I removed the cat’s paw, releasing the control key from being pressed, I realized how great an example this is of what we do when we are trying to maintain control.

Hero’s paw AFTER I’d removed it from the keyboard.

If I had tried to type anything (the rest of the keyboard was free and unobstructed), I would not have been able to accomplish the desired goal.  Why?  Because when the control key is pressed, it changes what many (if not all) of the other keys do—that is, what they accomplish!

Likewise, as long as we are maintaining a hold of the control, how many things are we messing up, preventing a desired goal from being accomplished?

Lord, please help us learn (better than my cat, anyway) to keep our paws off the keyboard of life—especially those control buttons.  Amen.

Thanks for reading!

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