The Integrity Inspection

If you are a repeat visitor to this site, and especially if you came back to look at a post you’d seen here before, you are most likely thinking, Whoa!  What happened here?  I could have sworn there were more posts on here than I’m seeing now!

Dear reader, don’t panic.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  I have purposely removed some things from sight at this point, pending some clarification/authorization to use copyright-protected material that I have since learned may have stricter or even no Fair-Use Clause allowances for the internet.  Once I have clarity and/or permissions (or have otherwise figured out how to edit my posts free of potential legalities), all posts will be back—either as they were or modified as needed.

This website/blog is still quite new—basically still under construction.  I have never done this sort of thing before, so the learning curve has been steep.  Naturally, things here will not be perfect from the very start and may require correcting.  Think of it like this:  all new construction must undergo inspections; and upon examination, this site appeared to be failing the integrity inspection.  So, steps must be taken to either confirm all is good or correct and strengthen the integrity.

Getting permission to use copyrighted materials can take some time—6 to 8 weeks according to one publisher!  I’m hoping I’ll hear from them sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to create posts and pages that don’t have to involve copyrighted material that is unclear to me regarding its online use.  So, I’m hoping you won’t give up on coming here to read; instead, stay with me and see how this drama all works out!

Thanks for reading!

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